What We're About:

The MATH MVMT is a registered 501 (c) 4 Non-Profit.

Here's our three-part mission:

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Politics and News are Dominated by Emotional Propaganda cause it wins elections and gets good ratingsbut it doesn't solve problems! 

This is why we need a more thoughtful MATH-Based Politics, focused on problems & solutions, by the numbers.  So we're working to make this the new standard in American politics.

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Building Strength

in Numbers

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We currently have government by and for the corporations.

The only way normal people can compete with special interests is to reinvigorate widespread political organizing of previous eras and take back our government!

That's why we're creating free resources and trainings on the art of organizing in the 21st century—To help build strength in numbers!

Red Wall & Stairs

About the Founder

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Arturo P. Jaras Watts is a former Udall scholar, organizer and entrepreneur.   After graduating Summa Cum Laude with a B.Sc. in economics, he moved to China to learn Mandarin and started an education company focused on popularizing cognitive psychology research and developing better language learning curriculums. 

As a passion project, he also began a 3 year vegan bodybuilding experiment to raise awareness for the outsized environmental impact of rising global meat consumption.  He presented the results of his experiment in a lecture at ChinaFIT 2019, in Guangzhou.

He's passionate about building greater appetite for MATH-Based politics, focused on problems and solutions, by the numbers, in America.